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We specialize in fields such as bulk container transportation, shipment of goods and services to services as supply chain management platforms.


Your request for a quotation for any machinery or product is acceptable. We at Atlas have access to an extensive range of reach in the field of Supply Chain, years of experience, and an innovative team we can pick every corner of the world’s manufacturing industry. In addition, our company has contacts with the biggest manufacturers in the world, especially regarding building materials, finished materials, and infrastructure materials; we got your back. So put in your request, and we will accept.



We have a 24hr working team in the seven cities of our current offices, making it easier to be available and promptly reply to our customers’ needs for their demand. In addition, our offices in China, Addis Ababa, Hong Kong, Dubai, Germany, Turkey, and Canada will give you the best quality of your desired product or machinery.

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Company Selection

Yes, we are selective in picking manufacturers when buying products. The quality of a product must be the number one of its kind. Not only do we have a list of our own companies that we trust and have a long history of, but we also accept our customers’ requests. Our priority comes from your need for a specific company that produces that needed product or machinery, if available. If not, our recommendations are for you, as we list them with a perfect quality score, due date, and trust, listed top Five.



Our Inspection Team is one of our most outstanding achievements to gift our customers; yes, we are serious about it. Our offices are located in key cities around the globe, giving us success and pride in managing our time and the quality of the product at hand. Our team has an excellent background in quality control.

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How fast do you want your product to arrive after production? Which way is the fastest?  We got your declarations and transits covered.

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You can contact us through any of our phone numbers listed to ask for information as well as for business deals, 24/7.